FINALLY! Now You Too Can Eat a Soup Dumpling …

Soup Dumpling

We have traveled the world and have come away with many bits of knowledge. One bit is that there are more ways to eat a dumpling than to skin a cat, so we have consulted, argued, and experimented until we found the way. These steps are socially acceptable and will save you from scalded mouths, overflow messes, and those unfortunate events that threaten to steal the joy from this bit of heaven! Just in case you are wondering, click here for a tasty vegan dumpling recipe.

Look longingly into your empty spoon. The soup dumplings are ordered. The appetite is whet. Wait … wait … wait …

They have arrived, but you are RAVENOUS. Slow down boy-cow-girl! Carefully, very carefully, pick up the soup dumpling from the steam tray with your chopsticks. Don’t tug, pull fast, or grip too tight. This is a delicate procedure so carefully pull the dumpling from the paper. I recommend having your spoon ready as there may be no way to avoid ripping the skin and causing that beauty to pop. Now drop that puppy into the spoon.

Savor the moment. Your anticipation and patience are about to be rewarded. Study it. Notice how it barely fits in your spoon. It’s a little blobby. It’s filled with joy. Your joy. But you must do this right. Now lift it to your mouth …

Bite off the top! But gently and make sure you have cleared all of the soup dumpling’s flesh. You don’t want that thing to bounce in the spoon. Now you can pull it away from your mouth and blow into the opening you have created. Once the soup has cooled, it is time for your first reward; suck the soup out of the top of the dumpling. Next, top it with black vinegar and ginger. Just a dab of vinegar you BARBARIAN! It is to enhance not kill the flavor of the stuffing. Now you can consume the entire dumpling in one big bite.

That is one clean spoon! You better start again. There is another soup dumpling waiting for you …

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