MEN’S VEGAN SHOES! 4 Killer Autumn Trends That Didn’t Kill

vegan shoes for autumn 2017
Check Out These Cruelty-free Vegan Shoes for Men to Round Out Your Autumn 2017 Wardrobe

I am a man. A man with many many shoes. After becoming vegan in 2005, I realized that the men’s vegan shoe options were actually quite good. Before that, Chuck Taylor’s and Vans were my mains, with a side of Miu Miu (remember when they made men’s shoes?), Prada, Gucci, and Comme Des Garçons. None of those were very ethical from sourcing to creation, though Junya Watanabe for Comme Des Garçons has been pretty good with his faux animal offerings. Something that was a shock to me was finding Novacas and No Harm shoes. They were decent replacements but the subtleties of design were not quite up to the uniqueness of the designers, but they were good. Since then, Novacas’ has upped their game and we now have Good Guys, Brave and Gentleman, Stella McCartney, Ahimsa, and a few more on the scene. Even Comme de Garçons and Raf Simons occasional get on the non-leather kick.

After obsessively reviewing the collections for the fall 2017 collections, I put together this list of shoes for you based on the not insane and fugly footwear that too many runway shows always indulge in:

1 Chunky Slip-On.
I love Sacai. They have a taste level of amazing. And the Fall 2017 Men’s collection is no letdown. They came up with a shoe collection that has the sturdiness of brogue, a near chunkiness of Docs, and the simplicity of Chelsea boots. There is a boot style and a low style. Here is my vegan take on the boot style:  Doc Martens Chelsea Boot. $145  📷 courtesy of

2 Penny Loafer.
It is all about Gucci right now.  Alessandro Michele has created a monster of cool out of Gucci. And a monster to any creature you can make a shoe from! We may never see a vegan version of the cool Pierced Moon (or is it a hammer and sickle?) boot, but this loafer is a classic. NOHARM is the one vegan shoe that can hold its own here. Their faux leather is supple and high quality. This one will last a man for years. Black Vegan Penny Loafer, on sale for $122.10,  📷 courtesy of

3 Sleek slip-ons.
Oh those exotic skins. So fancy making the wearer look so rich and cool. Hahaha, yeah, no. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and Junya Watanabe has given us some imitation python slip-ons for the autumn. I have owned a few pairs of his slip-ons through the years and they have always been of high quality and exceptionally cool. As well as convenient with no need to bend over to get the cool puppies on your feet for a great night out. Faux-Python Slip-On Sneakers, $320,  📷 courtesy of

4 Lug Sole Hikers
Zegna, Emporio, Moncler, and more are showcasing the hikers for this fall. Nowthis is an easy one, luckily. The one and only Vegetarian Shoes offers a great looking alternative: The Snowdon Boot. It has the look of designers without the flesh. I would recommend that you update the laces to something more poppy. $225,  📷 courtesy of

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