The 5 Best Vegan Ramen Recipes from Around the Web

Vegan Ramen Recipes
It is officially autumn and that means RAMEN! Here are some easy vegan recipes from around the ‘net that I have personally enjoyed. Please let me know what your favorite vegan ramen recipes are in the comments section below.

There are many options on the internet for vegan ramen recipes, thankfully. Before jumping into any of the recipes, you need to double-check how vegan-friendly your ingredients are. For instance, sake is not always vegan-friendly so check before grabbing just any bottle off the shelf. Also, read the ingredients on that tub of miso before marching to the checkout counter as it may contain bonito. Sugar can also be a culprit as it is often processed with bone char. Organic sugar is usually good but you should check with or make a quick google search to verify that you indeed have vegan-friendly sugar. Be creative and use any noodle you like though Italian pasta is highly discouraged.

Here are some of the vegan ramen options worth checking out:

    1. Just add water. You can order this one in bulk from and it is almost as cheap as the stuff from the corner market. Dr. McDougall’s Vegan Chicken Ramen is definitely vegan yet smells of chicken stock. Well, that fake chicken stock really reminds me of Top Ramen. Honestly, this is the easy and cheap way out but it is one you can trust. Click on the link to purchase (and I get a kickback).
    2. Bon Appetit actually has a vegan ramen recipe for Nakamura‘s amazing Chilled Ramen With Soy Milk And Chili Oil recipe. This vegan ramen is awesome. It is rich and creamy. Pretty damn spicy though, so beware! The chilled factor is great for these Indian summer days. While this one makes four servings, you should go ahead and cook it all as the recipe directs as the tare, chili paste and oil last for up to a month in fridge. Plan this right and you can make a little through the week before the grand finale dinner! Also great is that the yield for the paste and chili oil is more than you need for 4 servings, so you can quickly make this recipe again. Keep an eye on the sake and miso for vegan-friendly brands.
    3. THE Ultimate Rich and Creamy Ramen from This thing is as RICH and CREAMY just as can be. This vegan ramen recipe is as far from instant as you can get but this is my go to. Oh DAYUM! J. Kenji Lopéz-Alt figured IT out and he writes about his journey to this creation. He sheds light on some great details involved in the traditional making of ramen. Be warned, this is not for the first time cook. But if you read through it carefully, prepare properly, and stay patient, this recipe will yield you some fantastic ramen! I also recommend reading the whole story before jumping right into the recipe. The man’s brain is just heartbreakingly awesome, reverential, and creative. This is why we make food; magic can happen.
    4.  I always have to check-in with Edgy Veg. After being hit with awe from the Vegan Chik-fil-AI am a fan. Turns out they just posted an easy vegan ramen recipe, and easy it is. In 30 minutes you have a great vegan ramen made with easy to find, or easily substitutable, ingredients. Give this one a whirl when you get that last minute inspiration and don’t have much time. You’ll be pleased.
    5. Food 52 has a nice vegetarian ramen recipe that I veganized by leaving out the egg and bonito flakes. In place of bonito flakes, I used one tablespoon mushroom soy sauce, such as Angel Brand Mushroom Dark Soy Sauce. In place of the egg, I will sometimes poach soft Japanese tofu, which I just drop a spoon full of soft tofu in boiling water seasoned with pink sea salt. Though there is already going to be baked tofu added to this ramen recipe so you can just skip the poached tofu. I never miss the boiled or poached egg in my ramen.


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