Wine Review: Armador 2015 Carmenère

Whoa! An eclipse slowed my post. Good excuse, right? Crazy.

Hey, last night was the second to last Game of Thrones Sunday so there is wine in the house! If it’s good, you need to know about it. And what a bummer that episode was, but on the bright side, we drank good wine!

Armador 2015 Carmenère may be from Chile but to the to the tongue of this lil’ queen, it was like a hot night in Barcelona. It even smells a bit like a Rioja. This 100% Carmenère has a rich nose, a bit spicy, followed by a deep raspberry taste. I could even say there was something vanilla in it and it tasted great with chocolate doughnuts. It was “bloody” enough for Game of Thrones.

The winery, Odfjell, is dedicated to ecologically sound practices for growing and producing their wines made from organic grapes. They even use the poop from their own Fjord horses for fertilizer. Just keep that in mind when you’re drinking an amazing wine from Odjfell.

I picked this wine up from Dandelion Wine in Greenpoint, Brooklyn for $12. Give them a call at 347-689-4563 to place an order if you’re in the delivery zone.

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