Wine Review: Edmunds St. John Bone-Jolly Gamay Noir

Bone Jolly Vegan Red Wine
Last night was the last Game of Thrones Sunday until next year so there was wine in the house!

I won’t say anything about the show but I will say something about the wine! Edmunds St. John 2015 Bone-Jolly is an amazing Gamay Noir. Soooo amazing. It was quite cool out when we opened the bottle and it benefitted from a slight chill, so chill it. OK? This easy drinking red is fresh, juicy, and tastes like a berry dessert sweetened only by the fruit. Think Beaujolais. It is a light and earthy red. I think you should drink this one heartily and heavily 😉 .

I picked up this bottle from Astor Wines in the East Village for $21.99. Chances are good that it will be available at a store near you.

Many people ask how wine isn’t vegan by nature. Click here for the explanation. Barnivore is a great source for the more common wines which I never find at my local and carefully curated favorite wine shops.

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