Summer Cocktail: Watermelon-Lime Insanity

Watermelon vegan cocktail
Oh, the weekends leading up to Labor Day are so fraught. Fraught with perfecting the end of summer cocktail recipe!

Nothing says summer more to country folks like us as watermelon, barbecues, swimming pools, and ice-cold cocktails. After many failed and a few successful attempts, Gastro Chic‘s Marcy took me on a summer cocktail making journey. The delectable final result was the wonderfully good Watermelon-Lime Insanity; slightly sour, slightly bitter, perfectly sweet. It takes only minutes and the only tools required are a knife for cutting the fruit, a food processor or blender, a strainer. Watermelons and limes go together like Lucy and Ethel, Buttercup and Westley, or Emma and Scott.

Like all of those great relationships, it takes work to make it happen. How long can you stare at that picture of perfection above? Time to get on it!

Prep time: 5-10 minutes (!!!!)


2 Limes quartered
½ cup of mint leaves
½ cup of sugar. I recommend Florida Crystals Organic Cane Sugar
¼ of an average sized watermelon (about 10lbs), pink fruit removed from the rind.
2 handfuls of ice
2 cup of vodka (or to taste)

  1. After placing all the ingredients in the food processor, let it run for 3 minutes. If it is too stuffed to get all the ice in, just pulse a little at a time until you can fit the ice in.
  2. Once blended, strain into a pitcher. You’ll need to press it through. Eventually, it will all pass through.
  3. Now the fun part; stir in more or less a 1/2 cup of vodka and stir.
  4. Now mix in 2 cups of cold water. We used fizzy water for a bit more refreshing zip.
  5. Pour into a glass, garnish with mint and serve!


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