Those F#¢kers are Scared of SEX!

Scared of Sex

The Gays’ (and others’) Dilemma.

The USA is scared of sex! Why is it that people just aren’t saying this out loud: The only problem with homosexuals and our queer family is sex. The sex that kills kids in schools and the sex that kills minorities at Wal-Mart … wait, I think I mixed up sex with guns. Sorry.

Let’s be honest, the top of the Puritanical hierarchy are scared of sex. These men, “Christian” BOOMER men, like Mike Pence and Roy Moore, are sexless creatures that make many in America comfortable, until, let’s say, you find out someone has a predilection for highschool girls or anonymous bathroom sex. Gay men, lesbians, and transfolk are no threat to civilization. Guns are more protected by American society than vulnerable queer humans. If we are able to live openly as who we are we can be alive within our communities giving love from the start. The damage we suffer from being treated as pariahs, being bullied, being hated for something we can’t change, creates a hurt that many people can never really overcome. The cruelty at the hands of the family is sometimes devastating. Parents will toss their children out onto the streets rather than raise them to be strong in who they are. Some of these children do not survive. And what is it all for? To deny the knowledge that humans need to have sex. To deny that we have a sex drive. It blows my mind. How can we be so scared of sex? Something so vital to our existence.

At times in history, women have been accused of being unable to control their sexual impulses, of being deviants, and when women stray from the norm, especially eschewing the need of a man and being strong, they were accused of being witches. Religion played heavily into this and the persecutions were protected by those religious folks. It was even claimed that these actions were blessed by God. These women must have been consorts of the Devil bringing hardships to the village. Why? Because the women were horny and needed some good Devil fucking? DAMN Puritan people! The gays, trans, and queers are the witches of today except there is no need to tie the hate into the sacrilegious behavior anymore. By nature, who we are as queers are sacrilegious.

As for the witches of the 1600s; wow, that was some early American white men’s fear of sex!

As the population grows, the LGBTQIA+ community grows. Currently, the community, my community, has been privileged with the most visible representation in media, government, and business than ever before. With that comes the counterpoint, the most organized and outspoken haters. Haters that use the Bible, twisted of course, to their own means. Cherry-picking rules make them hypocrites that hide behind their bastardized version of religion. When it comes down to the fact that sex has to be acknowledged by them as something other than a mechanical means of procreation sanctioned by God, they lose their shit. We all know that they know the pleasures of sex thanks to the number of scandals, but this only makes the problem worse. When these “men of God” get caught with prostitutes, soliciting drug-fueled gay sex, or tapping a foot under a stall, it makes sex dirty. And then those caught act with shame.

If we could live in a world in which sexuality and gender identification was allowed to be expressed sincerely and without fear of repercussions, can you imagine how healthy we would all be? Please don’t get me wrong, I would never encourage sexual behavior that harms another as that would be the opposite of what I am saying here. Sex is something private, therefore sexuality shouldn’t be scary nor a reason for prejudice. A person is partially defined by their sexuality, which we can’t deny, but they aren’t going to have sex in front of you (don’t try to be cute here as we all know there are consensual venues for such proclivities). It is the realization that someone is having sex that really freaks certain people out. Sex for pleasure, but also as an expression of love. Could it be that love is also terribly scary? That is why gay marriage is so important and something else the Puritanical folks are largely against.

Puritans, just get over it. Stop being scared of sex. My sex life does not involve you but the Boomers have created an environment in which we need protections. When we are no longer culturally defined as something less than, then we can talk about who gets special protection laws! Right now we are a community battling prejudice that can cost us our security and well-being.

This is where I get off the soapbox and grab a nice glass of red, but not without some final words. My focus here is on the “Christian” white cis-gendered patriarchy in the USA. I am not speaking to any other part of the world, though these ideas may be true there too, and I am not talking about any other racial/cultural/religious biases. The issues of homosexuality and transsexuality are definitely controversial in minority communities. Transsexual folks of color are being killed at an alarming rate!

Why is another person’s sexuality anyone else’s business? Unless of course, you’re romantically interested. 😘

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