The Vegan Hangover Sandwich

Vegan Hangover Sandwich
The weekend is coming up and maybe you’ve discovered that I enjoy some wine. Usually just a little, but sometimes it’s hot and I am drinking a wonderful white wine. Before I know it, the sun is coming up in my friend’s living room. My mouth is dry and icky. My head is pounding and that rising sun doesn’t help. What makes it worth it? Knowing that we’ve some of my famous vegan buttermilk biscuits in the freezer! Here comes the best vegan hangover sandwich.

This is not a healthy, though it may be considered “healthy-ish” by Bon Appetit since it is definitely not as deadly as a bacon-egg-cheese biscuit from … the chain whose name I cannot mention.

This fix-up for this vegan hangover sandwich is easy and it is tasty. Luckily it involves all store-bought fillings.

  1. Field Roast Apple Maple Breakfast Sausages, cut lengthwise. Usually, only 2 do the trick for one sandwich. Just quickly fry them up in Earth Balance margarine. Gardein has some great breakfast sausages too. I wholly recommend their patties.
  2. Firm tofu. You only need a small square-cut from the block for each serving. Cut about 1/4-inch from the end of the tofu block then half that to have 2 equal squares. (Of course, you can go thicker if you like.) Stir-fry in soy sauce. If you can, use mushroom soy sauce for a rich decadent flavor.
  3. 1 Creamy Original Chao Slice. You need only 1/2 a slice for each sandwich. Throw the slice on the sausages while they are cooking to get it melty and gooey.

Once you have the biscuits baked and the fillings ready, pile them on and add any seasoning or condiment that sounds good. I like to add hot sauce. Tobasco or sriracha are both good. I also love a mix of Follow Your Heart Vegenaise mixed with a little of sriracha, though this may only be good for that painful morning after. 😉

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