Wine Review? Nope. The BEST Cider

Vegan Cider
Late summer days in San Sebastián, Spain, feasting on local fresh food and (re)discovering cider. You may not be able to go to Spain, like my favorite “gastricons” Margarita or Shannon, did but it can be brought to you with this vegan Isastegi Cider from the Basque region.

Perfect picnic time! This had been the summer of discovering the lighter side of Spain and there are few better ways to enjoy these nice cool days of early autumn than with Isastegi Cider. On a blanket in the woods. Or a park. Or your backyard if you are so blessed. With some black olive tapenade and a fresh la barra de pan, pop open that bottle of this vegan cider and visions of the Spanish countryside will flood your mind, even if you’ve never been there! This cider is a taste of Basque Country brought home. It is a perfect sharing size and each serving has half of the alcohol as wine so you could even consider this on a first date. If it’s a second date, you better buy two.

The cider is light, poppy, and dry. It goes down smooth and tastes nothing like that American or English candy apple swill you likely imagine as being cider. Yes, some folks like that stuff, but not me. Be ready for a very tart start. It quickly mellows into a refreshing palette cleanser. You must try this vegan cider with some Gardein “crab cakes”.

The question of questions, “How is cider not vegan-friendly? Does it contain dead animals?” Truthfully, it could contain live ones too but Isastegi contains none of that. Cider, like beer and wine, is often fined to remove impurities. To remove these impurities, animal by-products may be used, such as egg albumen, chitin from crustaceans, or isinglass.

You can pick this up at an affordable price at Dandelion Wine in Greenpoint and Astor Wine & Spirits in Manhattan.




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